Paws Approved Interactive Dog Treat Dispenser Remote Control
Paws Approved Interactive Dog Treat Dispenser Remote Control - Green Color
Paws Approved Interactive Dog Treat Dispenser Remote Control - Sky Blue Color
Paws Approved Interactive Dog Treat Dispenser Toy With Button for Pets Dogs and Cats
Paws Approved Interactive Dog Treat Dispenser Toy With Button to engage and excite pet dogs and cats.
Paws Approved Interactive Dog Treat Dispenser Toy With Button how to use
Paws Approved Interactive Dog Treat Dispenser Toy With Button 2 exciting sounds product features
Paws Approved Interactive Dog Treat Dispenser Toy With Button power supply modes product features
Interactive Dog Treat Dispenser Remote Control Perfect Christmas Gift For Dogs
Paws Approved Interactive Dog Treat Dispenser Toy With Button suitable for indoor and outdoor product features

PawsApproved™ - Treat Dispenser

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Smart Feeding for Playful Pets

Discover the joy and convenience of the PawsApproved™ Treat Dispenser, a smart solution designed to make treat time both fun and rewarding. Ideal for interactive play and training, this dispenser engages your pet in a rewarding challenge, making every treat a well-earned prize.

Interactive Design for Enhanced Play

Featuring an engaging mechanism that requires pets to interact with the toy for treats, this dispenser stimulates your pet's instincts and encourages problem-solving skills. It's an excellent way to keep your pet mentally and physically active, ensuring they're entertained and enriched even when you're not around.

Easy to Use and Clean

The Treat Dispenser is designed with pet owners in mind, offering easy filling and cleaning. Its durable construction ensures it can handle enthusiastic play, and it's simple to disassemble and clean, ensuring hygiene and safety for your pet.

Versatile Use for Training and Play

Whether you're reinforcing positive behavior or just giving your pet a fun activity, the Treat Dispenser is versatile enough for any scenario. It's perfect for reward-based training sessions or as a playful distraction that keeps your pet happily occupied.

Durable Material for Lasting Fun

Made from high-quality, pet-safe materials, the PawsApproved™ Treat Dispenser is built to last. Its robust design withstands the rigors of play, making it a lasting addition to your pet's toy collection.

Our PawsApproved™ Commitment

At PawsApproved™, we're dedicated to enhancing the lives of pets and their owners with innovative and engaging products. If the Treat Dispenser doesn’t meet your expectations, or if your pet doesn't find it as engaging, we're here to help. Your satisfaction and your pet's happiness are our top priorities.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Alexandra Fisher
    Great for high energy food motivated pups

    I use this to feed my 5 month Doberman one of her daily meals. She learned really fast and turned mealtime into an enrichment activity that she loves and keeps from eating too fast. I place the button on opposite side of the room and she runs back and forth to fetch the food. Worth the price!!

    R. Emery

    I'm a dog trainer always looking for new mental stimulation activities for my own dogs and my clients. This thing is great! It took some teaching my dog how to use it, but it didn't take long at all. At first I used small training treats broken into halves, then I just started using kibble. There is a mechanism inside where you can somewhat control how much/little comes out. The button requires three AAA batteries (not included). The dispenser either uses batteries or you can just plug it in. Highly recommend this over traditional puzzle toys especially for smart dogs that figure them out in 2 minutes!

    Sam S.
    Most entertaining impulse purchase.

    Set up was easy. Our doodle figured it out right away but our other boy is still struggling. He’s lucky when his brother will push the button for him. Wish I got this for them sooner is all I can say.

    Cristine R.
    So easy to train.

    This might be our new favorite treat toy! My dog learned it in about 10 min. I put a dab of Kong peanut butter on the button, then when he went to lick it, it made the boing sound (one of 2 sound options) and treats were dispensed in the tray. I said “button” when his nose hit it, and he figured it out so quickly. 10/10 recommend! I will probably get a few more of these so my other dogs won’t have to wait their turn.

    Sarah Kaufman
    LOVE it. Great way for my lab to get out some energy and slow down how fast she eats.

    LOVE this. It is a genius idea. My dog loves pushing the button and then running to the food. I definitely recommend training your dog to push the button without turning anything on first and then once they know how to push the button, turn the button on so it makes a noise and work with that for a bit. Overall LOVE this food dispenser. It is a great way to help my lab get out some of her energy end also slow down how fast she eats.

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